We Clean Boat Interiors!

Regular Marine Vinyl Cleaning is important.Boat_Mildew_Cleaning

Wherever there is water, there is usually mold as well. Moisture from the air and sweat from bodies create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow on vinyl surfaces. Even if you cover your boat’s seats, moisture can still penetrate them causing unsightly mold growth.

Regular vinyl maintenance will cut down on expensive resurfacing jobs and help preserve the integrity of your boat for years to come.

Although bleach is a great cleaner of mold, it can clean_pontoon_boat_carpetdeteriorate the stitching on marine vinyl. My Magic Mop uses bleach-free products to clean the vinyl surfaces on your boat.

As a boat owner living on the lake, I know marine carpets get dirty after a season of use. Multiply the dirt X2 if dogs and grandkids are passengers. Pontoon boat cleanings start at $50 an hour. The amount of mold/mildew present and condition of the carpet will determine final cost. Call or text to schedule a FREE estimate 810.399.4842


My Magic Mop services the following lakes:

Marl, Silver (in Fenton), Lake Fenton, Myers, Pine, Ponemah, Lobdell. Bennett Lake



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