Oh My! The Stuff that Grows in Toilets, YIKES!!

IMG_1559[1]I am often asked why toilets don’t stay clean. The fact they are a cesspool for human waste is one reason, but not the only reason for the stains and deposits pictured here.

Certainly ‘toilet bowl crude’ isn’t a dinner topic. It’s more likely a question you ponder when you raise the toilet lid and find your once clean toilet has fallen victim to ‘the crude’.

You’ve disinfected and scrubbed until your fingers are raw but the crude keeps coming back. It’s like a bad dream that won’t end. We’ve had some clients blame us and the cleaning products we use, but that isn’t the case. We use the same products for every client. Some experience ‘the crude’, others do not. Why is that?

The top four things that contribute to toilet ‘crude” are:

  1. Well water. It is not uncommon for a dark brown or black film to appear at the toilet bowl water line and below. This brown or black film is generally caused by Iron and Magnesium mineral deposits that naturally occur in our water source.
  2. Poor ventilation. Many extractor vent for the bathroom are ineffective and vent into the attic rather than outdoors. Improve your bathroom’s ventilation and you will likely find an improvement in the degree of toilet crude and shower mold.
  3. Flushing mechanisms. The actual parts inside the tank that make up the flushing mechanisms could be one culprit. The problem might also be the water that refills the tank after each flush. You may be able to repair the problem with a simple cleaning. If not, you could be on your way to the hardware store for some replacement parts.
  4. Stagnant Water. Stagnant water occurs when the toilet is not flushed on a regular basis. Additional causes include mold spore growth in the toilet tank as well as the transfer of mold spores into the toilet bowl via toilet brushes and tools.

My Magic Mop will gladly access issues you are having with toilet ‘crude’ and work with you to remedy the issue. Call us at 810.399.4842 for a consult.



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