HOW TO: Clean Vinyl Laminate Flooring

IMG_2093[1]My husband and I recently built a house on the lake. In an effort to keep a minimalist look, we opted to use vinyl laminate planking. The flooring interlocks seamlessly and is promoted as being ‘easy care’.

I was ready to put our 3500 square feet of this flooring to the cleaning test. As the owner of My Magic Mop, my arsenal of cleaning supplies includes the best of the best.

With so much square footage to clean, my goal was to find the best product and mop for the dollar. Easier said than done.

I tested a number of top-rated cleaning products, but found the end results lacking. DIY products, like vinegar water, were also tested and the outcome was unsatisfactory.

GOAL: A streak-free floor once mopped floor dried.

After testing various products over the course of two-plus months, I concluded that the best products for my vinyl laminate floors were:IMG_2108[1]

  • MOP:
    O’Cedar Micro Fiber Cloth Mop
    O’Cedar, designed to work with the micro-fiber mop
    Holloway House multi-surface floor cleaner (use full strength in a spray bottle)

Clear the floor of all obstacles (place stools on counters and rugs out of the way) and visually divide the room into quadrants. Spray small sections within the quadrant with the floor cleaner and damp mopped that area. It is important to make both a vertical and horizontal pass with the mop head.

img_20981.jpgThe first mop pass is done in an up and down vertical motion. Rinse the mop before doing the second sweep which is a horizontal “S” movement.

Continue this same mopping pattern for every quadrant. To avoid foot prints, start in a corner and mop your way out IMG_1506[1]of the room.


As the floor dried, I had doubts whether it would remain streak-free but no evidence of streak marks were noted. As the sun shined through the windows there was not one streak to be found. I did a happy dance wearing my mop slippers, of course.

Mission accomplished! After months of product testing, I had a spotless vinyl laminate floor for about 2 minutes, and then… the grand kids came over.

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