Steam Sanitizing


• Door handles, knobs
• Bath sinks, showers, counters & toilets
• Glass shower doors, ceramic floor tiles
• Sink drains

• Kitchen sink, counters, faucets, garbage disposal
• Exterior of appliances, including stainless steel, toaster oven racks & trays
• Kitchen & bath trash containers, plastic laundry baskets
• Interior of washing machine
• Food & water dishes for pets / pet toys
• Mattress dust mites (add $20 king, $18 queen, $16 full, $15 twin)
• Throw pillows / bed pillows
• Plastic / vinyl kids toys, gym floor mats and stuffed toys (dry heat is used on stuffed toys)

Disinfected but without the use of steam:

  • Remote controls, keyboards, mouse, iPad’s, home office work area
  • Light plate covers / switches
  • Kitchen sponges



CALL 810-399-4842 today to schedule your clean!Picture7


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