Stainless Steel Secrets


Stainless steel is more of a challenge to keep clean because it shows fingerprints and can easily look streaky. Because of this, it’s very important to move your cloth in one direction and go with the grain when you clean. If you’re not sure which direction you should go, start in a small area and test things out. I find that a clean microfiber cloth works best, though you can also use paper towels but may lint issues.

You might believe stainless steel cleaners to be the best choice, but I have a differing opinion. I’ve tried them all and find that Magic Mop’s home remedy methods work best.

With so many different types of stainless appliances on the market, you may have to experiment a bit if not using our services.

Each micro_fiber_clothone might require a slightly different cleaning routine but cleaning with the grain is still the secret to streak-free success.

We use one of the best silky micro-fiber cloths on the market today for cleaning stainless steel, mirrors and glass.


Under the Hood

Have you ever taken a good look under the hood of your oven or range? Chances are good that you’ve overlooked the air filters that catch grease and grime that has splattered over months, perhaps even years, from daily cooking.

It’s not unusual for us to see air filters like the above ‘before’ picture.

The most important benefit of a range hood is that it removes potentially toxic pollutants and gasses from the air in your kitchen. It can’t perform its intended task when air filters are clogged with greasy grime.

Of course, you could just replace the filters, but why replace something that isn’t broken range_hood_air_filterand only needs a good clean. To toss dirty filters because you don’t want to roll up your sleeves and clean them is not Eco-friendly… at least in my mind.

New aluminum range hood grease filters can cost anywhere from $7 to $28 and that doesn’t necessarily include sales tax and shipping charges. It’s more economical to clean them as needed. If you aren’t up for that type of cleaning job, we can help.

Cleaning aluminum range air filters is an add-on service to your recurring clean service. The average cost is $4 to $7 and is money well-spent to reduce pollutants in your kitchen area. It can be scheduled as a monthly service (depending on how often you use your stove) or as little as twice or once a year.

We use a non-toxic, Eco-friendly product along with high pressure steam to get your air filter vents looking like new again.

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Tales of a Dirty Vacuum Cleaner


So, you have hired a professional to clean your home. The quote given seems within your budget and much lower than other bids received. It’s a no brainer. You hire the person or company that offered the lowest bid, right? Or, do you?

There are a few things to consider when reviewing house cleaning job quotes, but for this post, I want to focus on the one piece of equipment that is key to cleaning effectively. The vacuum cleaner.

You might be appalled to see what the inside of a vacuum filter looks like when it enters your home for that scheduled clean. The very tool that is meant to keep your home clean must be clean themselves in order to get the job done.

Like any machine, vacuums need to be cleaned and maintained regularly for them to work properly. If no maintained, a vacuum may actually be spreading dirt around rather than cleaning it up! Think about it… the vacuum entering your home is cleaning several otheroller_debrisr homes per day and many of those home owners have one or more pets.

Food for thought…

Failure to properly maintain this primary piece of cleaning equipment results in loss of suction, rotating brush no longer spins and vacuum fails to pick up dirt / debris. Not to mention the dirty odor that is emitted due to build up of dust and pet hair in the inner workings of the vacuum.

Oh! The things a vacuum finds.

My Magic Mop performs the following maintenance to our vacuums:

  • Filters cleaned and replaced with back-up filters for the next day’s clean
  • Hair, lint and other debris removed from roller brushes daily
  • Canisters emptied of dirt, debris after every house clean
  • Exterior steam sanitized and disinfected with anti-bacterial wipes daily
  • Bagless canisters washed at the end of each week
  • Hoses flushed and cleaned monthly



Your Privacy Matters

Years back, I hired a company to clean my home on a bi-monthly basis. It was a God-send at the time and the team of two did an amazing job. Even though they were privy to many things about our family, they practiced complete confidentiality about our lifestyle,  living conditions and family affairs.

The thought of any of cleaning staff sharing information about my family would be a crime against humanity (OK, maybe that is a little over the top, but it would most definitely be cause for dismissal of service). Thankfully, that was never the case. But now, as the owner of a cleaning company, I am ever mindful of the importance of protecting the privacy of my clients.

It’s a mystery to me why some individuals feel the need to share private information but  “MUM” is the word about the private life of our clients. Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or private information is NEVER shared. Our staff understands that client privacy is to be guarded at all times.

Client confidentiality is a guarantee!