Your Privacy Matters

Years back, I hired a company to clean my home on a bi-monthly basis. It was a God-send at the time and the team of two did an amazing job. Even though they were privy to many things about our family, they practiced complete confidentiality about our lifestyle,  living conditions and family affairs.

The thought of any of cleaning staff sharing information about my family would be a crime against humanity (OK, maybe that is a little over the top, but it would most definitely be cause for dismissal of service). Thankfully, that was never the case. But now, as the owner of a cleaning company, I am ever mindful of the importance of protecting the privacy of my clients.

It’s a mystery to me why some individuals feel the need to share private information but  “MUM” is the word about the private life of our clients. Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or private information is NEVER shared. Our staff understands that client privacy is to be guarded at all times.

Client confidentiality is a guarantee!


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