When RUST not DUST is the Problem

71771490_381685225858483_8071335793727111168_nWe did a recent clean for a young man who was preparing for an outdoor wedding at his home. His biggest concern was RUST, not dust. He knew wedding guests would be using his bathroom and he didn’t them to see it in it’s present condition.

It was a daunting task as salt had not  been added to the water softener for quite some time. However, our team was pretty certain we could clean up the rust stains and make the bath presentable again.

We had a few cleaning tricks up our sleeve. Pictured below is the final results of the power of elbow grease and the right cleaning products.


The toilet was also an issue, but not for our cleaning team. The client was delighted with the results. When you compare the client’s cost for this deep clean to the cost of purchasing a new tub, toilet and sink, it was a cost-saving investment.