Green Cleans

IMG_2851Sometimes the simplest ways to help the environment is right inside our home. That is why the cleaning crew at My Magic Mop avoids harsh chemical cleaning products in exchange for environmentally responsible products (ERP) whenever possible.

Good for you ~ Good for the planet ~ Good for the community.

Magic Mop’s proprietary blends are made from essential plant oils and chemical-free. Use these products to sanitize and clean between recurring cleans. The inclusion of all-natural earth-friendly additives are safe to use around children and pets.

When product container is empty, return to us for a refill. We refill original spray containers at $1 off list price.

You will be amazed at how well our Eco-friendly products perform against other well-known branded products.

All-Purpose Thieves-Type Disinfectant


An all-natural, Eco-friendly, disinfectant cleaner made from essential plant oils. No need to rinse. Safe for use around pets and children. Should not be applied directly to skin. 12 oz. trigger spray bottle.

  • Sinks, Counter Tops, Dog Drool on Wood/Laminate Floors, Toys, Bathroom Surfaces, Garbage Cans, Yoga Mats, Exercise Equipment, Dog Beds, mattresses…

$16 (12 oz. trigger spray bottle)

Squirt & Mop Floor CleanerMold_cleaner_green_bottle

  • Spray on hardwood, tile, marble, vinyl, laminate for a streak-free shine. Use with a damp mop or micro-fiber cloth. No rinsing necessary. A proprietary blend of citrus, mint and herbal extracts.
$15 (16 oz. trigger spray bottle)